The Mu2e Group at UC Davis

The Mu2e Group at UC Davis

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Mu2e is an experiment being mounted at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab).   Its goal is the search for the conversion to an electron of a muon that has been captured by an aluminum nucleus.  While effectively forbidden by the Standard Model of particle physics, this conversion is a virtually universal features of models beyond that.


Mu2e Detector



The UC Davis group is primarily focused on the challenging beam delivery for the experiment.  We are:

  • Prof. Eric Prebys: Principal Investigator
    Muon to electron conversion
    • Founding member of collaboration
    • Developer of "extinction" system for eliminating out-of-time beam
  • Dr. Sridhar Tripathy: Postdoc
    • Working on modeling for shielding assessment.
    • Investigating methods of energy calibration.
  • Keegan Harrig: Graduate student
    • Modeling of bunch formation in the Fermilab Recycler
    • Measurement and qualification of ferrite for the AC Dipole deflector magnets
  • Ryan Hensley: Graduate student
    • Development of control system for AC dipole deflectors.

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